Naturally Nova Scotia St Johns Wort Millepertuis
Naturally Nova Scotia

Naturally Nova Scotia St Johns Wort Millepertuis

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60 capsules

Naturally Nova Scotia's St John's Wort capsules are traditionally used as a sedative for relief of restlessness or nervousness. Helps treat symptoms of sleep disorders.

The herbs contained in Naturally Nova Scotia's herbal capsules are of the highest quality and are processed using cold temperature techniques to preserve the naturally inherent active ingredients.

Botanicals found in whole herbs co-exist with natural plant complexes. This ensures the stability and related bioavailability and activity of the various active ingredients. Naturally Nova Scotia's encapsulated herbs are an excellent source of certified organic, potent, non-synthetic, bioavailable, herbal botanicals.

Naturally Nova Scotia's herbal remedies paired with the presence and synergistic effect of Nature's stabilizers (inherent plant complexes) make Naturally Nova Scotia’s encapsulated herbs a preferred line.