Giddy Yo Chlorella tabs
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Giddy Yo Chlorella tabs

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Giddy Yoyo radiation tested broken cell wall Chlorella (Chlorella Pyrenoidosa) is a cultivated single-celled fresh water grown green algae that contains high levels of chlorophyll ( the stuff that makes plants green). Chlorella is an easily digestible whole food that can be enjoyed in many ways and does NOT have a "fishy" taste. Their Chlorella is grown under strict controlled environments and does NOT contain fillers, binders, chemical solvents or heavy metals regularly used in food production. 

Enjoy 2-25 tabs per day or multiple times per day.  Use common sense caution when introducing ANY new food into your diet and work your way up to higher amounts. 5 tabs=1 g.

Ingredients: Organic Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.