Four O'Clock Immunity Reishi & Moringa Herbal Tea
Four O'Clock

Four O'Clock Immunity Reishi & Moringa Herbal Tea

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20 teabags

This herbal tea, developed from reishi, "king of mushrooms", is an excellent ally to support the immune system, in addition, to stimulate your natural defenses it will promote your vitality and well-being. Keep your balance, be in control, and better prepared to deal with the stress factors around you!

Like reishi, moringa contains antioxidants, so this combination of ingredients helps to protect cells against the oxidative effects caused by free radicals.

Let yourself be taken away by the vanilla exhalation, accompanied by notes of cocoa and cinnamon. This rich blend sweet and comforting will conquer you!

Recommended dose: ADULTS: Use one bag per cup of water, 4 times a day. Pour the boiling water over the bag and allow to steep for 4 to 6 minutes. Store in a dry place at room temperature. To avoid digestive upset, take with food.

This product is approved and certified by Health Canada (NPN: 80084630).